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Sve o OvnuSve o BikuSve o BlizancimaSve o RakuSve o LavuSve o DeviciSve o VagiSve o ŠkorpijiSve o StrelcuSve o JarcuSve o VodolijiSve o Ribama

Mark / Podznak Profile – Ribe

icoPosted: Gia  : Category: RIBE

Znak/Podznak Profil - RibeRibe / Above:

This is the type of fish rich kontraverzijama and serious contradictions. This combination of characters and podznaka is very rich in psychological colors: It is a complex mixture of joy, personal enthusiasm, optimism, social power, passivity, subjectivity and brutal and sometimes neorganizovanih enthusiasm. Sinteza Ribe – Aries somewhat marked encounter death and re-skewer.


Mark / Podznak Profile – Aquarius

icoPosted: Gia  : Category: AQUARIUS

Znak/Podznak Profil - VodolijaAquarius / Above:

In this combination really positive, Aquarius Aries generously donated the necessary force to focus on a specific goal. The result is a specific character, less consumed with irrational ideas, mainly interested in what wettable consolidate the foundations for the harmonious development of his personality as, so i ent interesovanja.


Mark / Podznak Profile – Capricorn

icoPosted: Gia  : Category: CAPRICORN

Znak/Podznak Profil - JaracCapricorn / Above:

These properties coupled to sign Jarca: developed sense of duty, an iron will and a striking ability to concentrate here are increased in conjunction with the fiery sign of Aries, pulses whose support the expression of unquestionable ability.

Born in this connection & Beverage is a real volcano burning under the ice of Antarctica, and seeks to preserve his enthusiasm and curb the power that carries.


Mark / Podznak Profile – Sagittarius

icoPosted: Gia  : Category: Sagittarius

Znak/Podznak Profil - StrelacSagittarius / Above:

Tidy will, great work capacity and maximum involvement in the achievement of their tasks: that's striking feature of this combination of two fiery characters. Mail is duboko zadojen Jupiterovskim values, Strelac he leaned reason, movement and prestige.

He is also an independent, even rebellious.


Mark / Podznak Profile – Scorpio

icoPosted: Gia  : Category: SCORPIO

Znak/Podznak Profil - ŠkorpijaScorpio / Above:

What kind of chaos resulting from the combination of the two Martian characters. The power to impose his personality characteristic of both characters can reach extreme points and go into self-destruction, no physical, understood, but intensively in a desperate search for perfection, that in a negative way to engage the physical and moral strength of personality. There is therefore in them enormous power of will, which is the basis of unity pulse and heard.


Mark / Podznak Profile – Vacancy

icoPosted: Gia  : Category: VACANCY

Znak/Podznak Profil - VagaVacancy / Above:

Such psychological duality is often difficult experiences. Impulsivity Aries disagrees with much better balance and a sense of shades, which is characteristic for the sign of Libra; in heat, ekspanzivno, and actively combat will have to coexist with a human being that is delicately, selective and tends to diplomacy.


Mark / Podznak Profile – Virgo

icoPosted: Gia  : Category: Device

Znak/Podznak Profil - DevicaVirgo / Above:

Ascendant in Aries does not agree very well with the sign of the Device. This combination of characters and podznaka often leads to inner ambivalence and pretty skokovitog behavior. In this combination are forced to live next to each other two opposing nature that will be difficult to merge the unique nature. What is typical for Device,


Mark / Podznak Profile – Low

icoPosted: Gia  : Category: LOW

Znak/Podznak Profil - LavLow / Above:

In this combination of two characters Fire and triumphant life is born a creature that is both idealistic and ambitious, ripe for a fight and authoritativeness. Willpower and preduzimljivosti are two qualities that pervade this harmonious personality and create a springboard for affirmation, not only the material but the personal and moral.


Mark / Podznak Profile – Rak

icoPosted: Gia  : Category: RAK

Znak/Podznak Profil - RakRak / Above:

Is there anything more difficult than to achieve in life, big dreams of childhood, especially if there is already an internal conflict between apathy and action, i immobilisation flight, stability and eruptive? The need to plunge into the fantastic, fairy world not Ślaz Bas sa radošću life. Cancer is all sense and sensibility; Rams most dominant feature is the willpower.


Mark / Podznak Profile – Gemini

icoPosted: Gia  : Category: Gemini

Znak/Podznak Profil - BlizanciGemini / Above:

In this combination,, Party Gemini, always ready to penetrate and explore the souls of others, Thanks to its flexible way of thinking and conspicuous ability to adapt to various situations, receives from podznaka Aries strong impulses will, initiative and non energy. Rađa the type of koji fast i think it works, sometimes too sudden and risky,


Mark / Podznak Profile – Bik

icoPosted: Gia  : Category: BIK

Znak/Podznak Profil - BikBik / Above:

This is a combination of two very strong character, bit of publicity characterization. Taurus is the sign of passive power, sturdy and static, Aries and active, explosive, dinamičan i agresivan, and the result will be just too harmonious personality. In this combination of characters, Taurus, which is deeply rooted in the earth, in matter, conservative and cautious mentality, Pali is vatrom Aries, Progressive, careless and full of faith in yourself.