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Favorite scent for each of the Zodiac

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Omiljeni miris za svaki od ZodijakaAstrologers are convinced that every zodiac sign has its very, special perfume, So if you want to give to the smell of mom, daughter or comrade, Pay attention to this intoxicating astrological roadmap.

Above (21. March – 20. april)

Give them a strong flavor

Rams are confident, and justice-loving and are not difficult to recognize even among a thousand people, because they are very temperamental. Therefore, for them Nisu romantic smells sladunjavih note, because in such a cloud of perfume feel uncomfortable. Women under the sign of Aries does not need to calm down, because for them to choose perfume according to their nature. Most suits them “Jean Paul Gaultier Classic”, which contains a strong aroma of ginger and vanilla.

Bik (21. april – 20. May)

Them drunk, bitter notes

The bulls are strong, weighed and keen and always know what they want. Harbor deep feelings, they are very energetic and passionate. Spend a lifetime between the need to acquire money and needs to indulge in a fair. If you want to rejoice in the wife Taurus, give her a simple, soothing, but at the same time a strong note. Perfume that Taurus is certainly the most convenient “Yves Saint Laurent Opium”, containing fresh herbs and aromas of mandarin.

Gemini (21. May – 20. jun)

Obradujte s egzotikom

The twins are communicative, s energetic unsteady. Though, they do not make hasty decisions and analyze everything to the smallest detail. Deprived of their deep emotions and turn the practical side of life. Therefore they should be watered Parfen that evokes akciju. Odor “Sweet & Gabbana Light Blue” will no doubt knock them off their feet. In the prevailing smell of exotic aromas of green apple and Australian Sicilian citrus.

Rak (21. jun – 22. jul)

Surprise them floral scents

Crabs are gentle, emotional and indecisive. Incorrigible Dreamers, that, if you have the proper inspiration, may form Viju talents for many art. Their inspiration can be the smell, because in a sea of ​​perfume containing mystical and harsh notes that women in this sign corresponded to select one that is perfect for them, “Calvin Klein Euphoria”. No woman in the sign of Cancer will resist the junction shell, lotus flower s black Ljubicic.

Low (23. jul – 22. August)

Restrain them sweet drops

Leos are born leaders, are passionate and seductive. When these are all qualities that they have,, both good and bad, maximally expressed. They are very strong, Vital and want to dominate. They have a strong will and ambition, but Doleful and egotistical, because like when they flatter and satisfy. What will make them happy, they certainly smells that ignite the passions and be all the senses. In such odors can be counted perfume “Thierry Mugler Angel”, qi is the base flavor of chocolate i plum.

Virgo (23. August – 22. September)

Enthuse s svežinom from Bocić

Device are satisfied, calm and gentle, the wings izraziti IndividualCI. They like to have your world, in which alone disassemble and assemble the details necessary for a full analysis of something that others do not even notice at all. Savvy and prefer fresh scents. Because of this they is not easy to choose the right perfume. If you do not want to make a serious mistake, give them a perfume “Clinique Happy”.

Vacancy (23. September – 22. October)

Awaken their senses with fruity aromas

Scales are priorities in life satisfaction and stability. One of your jake, nominal i energetic, and because people are often perceived as cold and repulsive. The need for the nice surroundings and pleasant aromas of them in the first place. Therefore,, If you want to disarm them and discover their true nature, vulnerable and emotional, give them a scent “Hugo Boss woman”, who will no doubt disarm. Wake they heard intense aromas of green apples and wild strawberries.

Scorpio (23. October – 22. November)

Making a s i mešavinom resin vanilla

Scorpions have inexhaustible energy. Fanatic and have incredible will and determination. Are passionate, i often aggressive or intolerant. Despise all that is false and radiate a strange charm. This niko not be im showing, because they themselves know how attractive. How would their magical attraction AIST došla to express that, Scorpio must carefully choose the fragrance. As for them is created “Calvin Klein Obsession”. This fragrance contains sharp floral aromas and flavors of vanilla and resin.

Sagittarius (23. November – 21. December)

Galit's mild perfumes?

Archers are cheerful and optimistic spirit and rarely get into conflict situations. They have incredible need for freedom and independence. They will not attract expensive gifts, arrogance and intolerance but laughter and charm. Are diligent and honest, and these characteristics should be taken into account when they choose to odors. Correspond to their simple and gentle fragrances with aromas of sandalwood, Vanile garde i nije. Just this compound has a perfume “Gucci rush”, that is made for them.

Capricorn (22. December – 19. January)

Make them happy light combinations

Goats are very insecure and seemingly cold and inaccessible. In order for them to trust me to cherish sincere feelings and that they want good, need to pass a lot of time. They respect tradition, Sacrificed are ready to meet all requirements. Peaceful and are tolerant, however, if there was something they really do not like, they immediately changed. Smell that surely will never change is certainly “Lacoste Touch of Pink”, u coma dominates the freshness of audio note i flower smells of jasmine i Ljubicic.

Aquarius (20. January – 18. February)

Highlight their originality bergamot

In the company of Aquarius is always fun. They are very pleasant, although unpredictable. With them, you never know where you are. Are permanent, ekscentrične i vetropiraste. Energiju crpe from the world of the eye itself, live and dressed in the unconventional, so because the smell would be to use Aquarius had to point out all the diversity of their nature. Most suits them perfume “Salvador Dali”, which are the basic components of jasmine, bergamot i ruža.

Ribe (19. February – 20. March)

Give them a whiff of freshness and lightness

Pisces are very emotional, a romance and a constant search for perfect happiness inseparable part of their lives. One su personification of femininity, but they are very secretive and often closed. Prices only those people who have high moral standards, and therefore not easy to be their friend or partner. Izabrati of them says Parfen veoma is difficult zadatak. In the sea there are many wonderful notes of perfume that they may respond, or IPAK to define the “Davidoff Cool Water”, that exudes freshness and ease.


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